This plaster which is a mixture of perlite and other additives is a kind of substrate in plastering of the buildings. Due to the existence of mineral perlite particles, this product has advantages like lightening, heat protection, resistance against fire, sound protection, etc

This product can be used directly on brick, concrete and aerified concrete and has no limitation in using the substrate.

In case of having additives for late setting of the plaster, the plaster has enough time to rest and prevents from producing waste due to the fast setting of the plaster. This product can be used in plastering for at least 50 minutes.

Cellulose additive in this product causes high stickiness and viscosity and easy use and it is a proper substrate for satin.

Technical specifications

5.5- 6.0/10 kg Water/plaster factor
55 minutes workability
140-160 minutes End of setting
(max) 4 days Drying Time
(min) 1 N/mm2 Tensile bending strength
(min) 2.5 N/mm2 Compressive Strength
700  kg/m3 Density
10 kg/  for 1 cm thickness Amount of consumption
30 kg Net Packaging












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