Aynoor company was founded in1389 with the aim of modern plaster production and started its production in 1391.this company exports its products with the brand name of AK ALCI to the neighboring countries specially Turkmenistan and sells its products in Iran too.

This company, with all its automatic machines and the production service, is able to produce all its products namely satin plaster, modeling gypsum plaster, perlite gypsum plaster and machine gypsum plaster. It also produces Adhesive Gypsum Plaster and Grouting Gypsum Plaster.

Since its customers are of great importance and value, A.N.G. company with quality control unit and specialized labs has tried its best to put a step forward in qualifying its products.

Quality control unit with its all experts and meticulous experiments have comforted all its customers by quality and prominence of its products.













ANG Co. with standard production logo --- Low expenses --- in construction --- Energy saving High speed in use --- Lower waste



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