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Machine gypsum plaster

Machine gypsum plaster with special additives is used to spread over the concrete, brick, tile and concrete blocks, etc

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Perlite Gypsum Plaster

Perlite gypsum plaster is a readymade mixture of perlite, plaster and other additives which is used as a substrate in plastering 

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Modeling Gypsum Plaster

Modeling gypsum plaster is specialized to use in molding and interior decorations of the buildings  

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Satin Finishing Plaster

Satin plaster is used for plastering on concrete and dried concrete, etc which creates extraordinary smooth surface

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Joint filter plaster

usable by hand,joint filter for gypsu, plasterboard

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usable by hand,usable for any kind of plastic enamel paints and acrylic colors

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Aynoor co. Holder Standard bearer of quality goods

Selected mining industry in 2013

Selected exporter in 2013




Welcome to the website of Aynoor co.

A.N.G Co exports its products with the brand name of AK ALCI to the neighbouring countries specially Turkmenistan and also sells them in Iran.

This company, with all its automatic machines and the production service, is able to produce all its products namely satin Finishing plaster, modeling gypsum plaster, perlite gypsum plaster and machine gypsum plaster. It also produces stick boards and plaster panel.

Since its customers are of great importance and value, A.N.G. company with quality control unit and specialized labs has tried its best to put a step forward in qualifying its products.








ANG Co. with standard production logo --- Low expenses --- in construction --- Energy saving High speed in use --- Lower waste



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